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Peter Artemiev

Julia Fox, star of the uncensored treasures, may need no introduction. As the name of the Italian-American actress and filmmaker flashes on the screen, her (ex) husband Peter Artemiev‘ name finally pops up. Their separation has added gasoline to yet another celebrity breakup, although they are parents to a child together. In her appearance as Julia De Fiore in “Uncut Gems,” Julia gained widespread recognition.

No, Peter Artemiev isn’t a film or TV industry household name. But he’s famous for being Julia Fox’s spouse. Therefore, Peter Artemiev is often introduced as “Julia Fox’s husband.” Though he has been in the spotlight as a celebrity partner, he hasn’t revealed much about his life. His (ex-)wife Julia has been accusing Peter of being a Deadbeat drunken baby daddy ever since Christmas of 2021. 

The identity of Peter Artemiev has yet to be revealed.

Peter Artemiev, Julia’s ex-husband, has managed to keep his private life out of the spotlight despite the fact that maintaining privacy is difficult when we tend to be linked to a celebrity or especially be their partner. Actress and director Julia Fox are married to Peter Artemiev. In other words, he flies planes. Peter Artemiev is a private pilot who lives in Brighton Beach. He is also widely known as Julia Fox’s child’s father.

Peter Artemiev

Childhood and Early Life

Peter Artemiev was born in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York, between 1987 and 1991. His real birthday is something he has never shared with the press. Peter’s age is estimated to be between 30 and 34 years old. Possible two or three years separate him from Julia. High school was the last stop in Peter Artemiev’s educational journey. Eventually, he fulfilled a long-held ambition by enrolling in a highly selective university. Ultimately, his efforts pay off, and he can call himself a professional pilot.

Peter Artemiev Wiki

Full NamePeter Artemiev
AgeBetween 30-34 years old
ProfessionPilot, Celebrity Spouse, and Entrepreneur
Date of BirthBetween 1987-1991
Place of BirthBrighton Beach, Brooklyn, United States
Current ResidenceYorkville, Manhattan, United States

An Introduction to Peter Artemiev’s Background, History, and Culture

The reports claim that Peter Artemiev was raised in a stable family where he was born and raised. It is yet to be revealed who his parents and siblings are. Several reliable sources state that his father is a business owner. His mom is a stay-at-home worker. Peter is white and of European ancestry. It is safe to assume that Peter Artemiev is a Christian. According to our investigation, Peter Artemiev is the eldest of his parent’s children.

Peter Artemiev

How did Peter Artemiev’s marriage turn out?

Peter Artemiev and his lady love Julia Fox were married in 2018. The Alexandrite engagement ring she was given as a present was the most meaningful piece of jewelry she owned. One unique feature of her crew is its glimmering hue shifts in different lighting conditions. They may have been together for several years before getting married. The lovely and secret love story they shared was treasured by many of Julia’s followers, and they were even quarantined together during the Covid 19 pandemic. As their marriage flourished, they welcomed a son to make their family of three. On January 17, 2021, the couple welcomed a son named Valentino.

They had a son together, but their relationship showed signs of strain. When Julia removed her Instagram photos with Peter Artemiev in 2020, many followers assumed that the couple had broken up. When Julia revealed on Instagram that her husband, Peter is a deadbeat father who spends most of his time drinking and leaving Julia to pay the expenses and take care of their children, the rumors began to look more and more like the truth.

Peter has rejected all the charges and has chosen to remain silent on the topic to preserve his partner’s privacy and keep their child safe. They recently divorced, and Julia seemed to be attempting to move on. Kayne West and Julia were recently photographed on a date in Miami and New York City. Carbone in Miami is where Kayne and Julia had their first date. According to Page Six, Kyne has brought his photographer along on his date with actress Julia Fox. Since Julia and Kyne just ended their respective relationships, they have supported one another tremendously.

Peter Artemiev Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

HeightFeet Inches: 5`9”

Meters: 1.75 m

centimeters: 175 cm

WeightKilograms: 75 kg

Pounds: 165.43 lbs

Eye colorHazel Brown
Hair ColourBrown
Shoe Size8 US


Peter Artemiev

Job History of Peter Artemiev

According to reports, Peter Artemiev has his pilot’s license. After finishing college, Peter immediately started flying training. Experienced pilots taught him the ropes. Pilot training is over, and now Peter Artemiev may call himself a licensed private pilot. At the moment, he is keeping himself busy in Brooklyn with his job. It’s not all that Peter Artemiev does; he’s also an investor and a businessman. Peter and Julia Artemiev have also attended a slew of award shows together.

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What is Peter Artemiev’s net worth?

Many people are curious about Peter Artemiev‘s wealth and salary despite the fact that he is not famous. People assumed that because Peter’s ex-wife Julia Fox had a high-paying job and a fortune of around $30 million, her new partner would, too. Since Peter flies privately, we can infer that his annual income and pay as an airline pilot in the United States falls between $56,000 and $700,000.

Their earnings and benefits, however, will vary from one airline to the next, one plane model to the next, and one flight to the next. However, it is still being determined if Peter genuinely doesn’t work and leaves her to pay the cost or if he is employing his pilot profession, as per the assertions made by Julia via her Instagram story. In conclusion, Peter Artemiev had a good source of income as a pilot for commercial airlines. However, the precise amount of his wealth has yet to be discovered.

Peter Artemiev's
Peter Artemiev’s

Details of Peter Artemiev’s life that are worth knowing

  • Peter Artemiev‘s status as Julia Fox’s husband has propelled him to national prominence.
  • Julia is a well-known actress and director of Italian ancestry.
  • Uncut Gems, in which she starred, made her a household reputation as Julia De Fiore
  • Her spouse, Artemiev, is a pilot to continue the conversation.
  • Sources say that in December of 2021, Julia posted on her Instagram about how Peter Artemiev is a terrible parent.
  • Peter Artemiev‘s lifelong ambition was to someday take to the skies, and he finally made that a reality.
  • Peter Artemiev trains himself to the point where he can fly airplanes for a living.



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