8 Fun Places To Visit In Melbourne

8 Fun Places To Visit In Melbourne

Luna Park and Legoland Melbourne, are two popular tourist destinations in Melbourne. Both provide a wide choice of exhilarating activities that will make your trip more exciting. They offer a remarkable synthesis of energetic, ethnically diverse, and wealthy attitudes. With its beautiful Victorian architecture, tree-lined avenues, and hidden laneways Melbourne has brought a halt to the world. 

Check out some of the top places to visit in Melbourne:

Icebar Melbourne:

IceBar Melbourne is one of the best places to visit in Melbourne and was opened in December 2015 the best part is that it is open to all ages. This frosty paradise is home to almost thirty tonnes worth of ice. It is the only permanent ice bar in Australia, with walls, sculptures, and tables made entirely of ice. The Ice sculptures were inspired by Wanderlust’s jungle cats and polar bears from Antarctica. With IceBar Melbourne Tickets get a chance to take pictures of the ice sculptures and enjoy ice hockey or giant Jenga.

Melbourne Zoo:

Melbourne Zoo houses over 300 different species of animals, far from the bustling city of Melbourne. Despite the fact that Melbourne is famous for its lights, the Melbourne Zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Melbourne Zoo tickets allow you to visit this charming zoo and see unique Australian animals such as kangaroos or koalas. The zoo offers close encounters with animals such as seals and kangaroos.

Legoland Discovery Centre:

The indoor LEGOLAND playground is most popular with children between 3 and 10. It’s full of creativity and color and excitement. There are 13 family-friendly attractions that encourage exploration and fun for young minds. Miniland offers thrilling rides incorporating LEGO elements and allows you to see iconic Melbourne locations made from more than one million LEGO bricks.

Luna Park Melbourne: 

Explore the oldest amusement park in Melbourne and one of the top places to visit in Melbourne. It opened its doors in 1912 and is popular with both locals and tourists due to its many thrilling new rides. Luna Park, located in St. Kilda and a landmark for over a century, remains the most loved and well-known theme park. You can enjoy the Park’s most famous attraction, the Roller Coaster and this magnificent wooden coaster transports passengers quickly around the park.

Artvo Melbourne:

Explore the first interactive trick art gallery in Australia. This gallery is fun and interactive for all ages, and you don’t need a guide. The exhibition spans a large 1900 square meter area and features interactive hand-painted crafts, works of art, and other items. One of the most recent additions to the ArtVo Gallery is the Fantasy theme. It includes adventures such as visiting the ocean, the polar ice caps, and woodland.

Sea Life Melbourne:

SEA Life Aquarium gives you access to the captivating Sea Life Aquarium. Here, you can see more than 10,000 marine animals of 550+ species. The aquarium has 12 interactive exhibits, including the coral atoll and interactive wonder wall, as well as the plunge into deep, penguin playground and ocean invaders. While they eat their meals, you can watch the turtles and frogs as they interact with the aquarium. The rainforest section’s highlight is the Green Tree Python. It imitates a green leaf and is a great display.

Royal Botanic Gardens:

 Melbourne’s renowned Royal Botanic Gardens, which border the Yarra River and were founded in 1846, are a well-liked tourist destination. The ideal urban hideaway is this breathtaking green area, which covers 38 hectares and has more than 8,000 plant types. Your senses will be taken on an aromatic voyage by pristine and exquisite collections of rainforest flora, endangered species, bamboo gardens, and ornamental and lily lakes, all to the accompaniment of birds like spinebills and cormorants.

Eureka Tower:

Eureka Tower is the highest residential and public observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere, standing at a height of 297 meters. The Eureka Tower, which houses Melbourne’s highest observation deck, provides breathtaking views of the area when the city is completely illuminated at night. Visitors also feel the exhilarating sensation of walking on “The Edge,” a glass cube learn more.


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